Product Overview

Ameol can manage your CIX conferences, email and news groups. It supports connection by broadband and dial up. When dial up is the only choice don’t worry about the telephone costs as collection and sending of messages is completed in just a few moments.

What Ameol Does

Ameol helps you to cut those phone bills when using a dial-up connection. Ameol is an electronic autopilot: it automatically dials up CIX, logs on using your CIX name and password, captures all unread messages, then logs off again. Since Ameol works without your intervention, you can leave it to do its job and come back when it has finished.

A Message Database

Ameol is also a simple database manager, it organises all the unread messages by topic and conference. You can step through each unread message one at a time, or skip ahead to another topic. You can arrange the topics in order of interest, so Ameol always displays the unread messages in your favourite topics first. As you go along, you can reply to messages, start new threads of discussion or even print messages for a permanent record.

Downloading Files

Because CIX also allows you to download files, Ameol makes the task simpler. If you know the name of the file, and the topic in which it is located, you can just tell Ameol and it will go ahead and download the files automatically. Or you can ask it to download the file list, an index of all files in the topic, and you can scan the list looking for the file you want. There is no need to waste time doing this while connected to CIX, Ameol does the job for you.

Get Organised

Ameol allows you to use CIX in an intelligent organised way when away from a broadband connection. You build up a collection of messages in each topic, when you need to refer back to a message, Ameol will help you find it. As all the messages are stored on your local hard disk in an organised fashion, Ameol can save you having to go back to CIX to retrieve the one you want.

Get Ameol

The latest version of Ameol is available for free download from this site. However please note that non CIX members will also need to sign up to CIX to access CIX Conferencing.